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Hi! My name is Rees McNally and I am a scientist/engineer/math geek living in NYC. I am currently a PhD canidate in professor Tanya Zelevinsky's lab, working on (and fighting with) ultracold molecules. We hope to use ultracold molecules to test a wide range of fundamental physics, asking LHC sized questions with table sized experiments.

Before I joined Tanya's group, I worked on atomic clocks under the direction of professor Jun Ye at JILA, in the beautiful town of Boulder Colorado. While in Jun's group, I had the privilege to help build the most accurate clock ever made (as of 4/18/2017 anyways) and it was a really great introduction to precision measurements. This work has potentially huge applications, enabling GPS with unprecedented accuracy, and allowing direct measurements of local gravitational fields (which would be very useful for geology/mineral exploration).

Prior to settling on atomic/molecular physics, I was lucky enough to work on a large number of projects. These included critical contributions to two satellites (one which Orbital Science Corporation dropped into the ocean, and one launched with SpaceX), as well as brief stint as an applied mathematician working on compressed sensing algorithms. While doing this I graduated from CU Boulder with bachelor degrees in engineering physics, applied mathematics, and a minor in electrical engineering.

All of these different opportunities have really given me a love of hand-on science and research, and an appreciation for how much you can get done when you just go for it. If you have any questions about my past research, home built electronics packages, Columbia University, the University of Colorado at Boulder, JILA, my award winning Chili-Mac Recipe, or anything else please contact me anytime (

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